about us


We believe that the foundation of any business is the energy of hard working and creative individuals striving towards a common good.

We will contribute within our ability and strive to maintain a climate that provides excellent personal service, opportunity and success for all of our associates.

We believe in a superior service level for our agents, responding to their needs promptly, accurately, and courteously. We at MJ Marketing believe in the principles of success, and helping others to achieve their goals and life long dreams.


We believe in the individual pursuit of financial security. We provide quality senior care products, life insurance, annuities and various supplement products to independent agents nationwide with prompt, personal and courteous services.

We will combine our diverse talents, innovate products and technology to compete effectively in selected markets. We will respond quickly to seize profitable opportunities. We will deliver value to our agents and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.


MJ Marketing Consultants, INC. was founded in August 1978 by M.A. Swinson and J.H. Reckner with an office in Wisconsin. It operated as a specialty Marketing company selling a line of guaranteed Issue life insurance products basically in the senior market which was underwritten by Kemper Insurance and National Old Line Life Insurance Company. The following year Layman National Life Insurance Company was added to our portfolio of Insurance products.

In 1980, MJ Marketing contracted with United Equitable Insurance Group of Skokie, IL to develop and market an innovative new Long Term Care convalescent home policy that prospered with a phenomenal growth and expanded MJ in 35 states over the next 5 years to become the number one sales producer on the market in that field.

In December 1985, Mr. Swinson passed away with his lifetime work and goals being all too short. In January of 1986, J.H. Reckner purchased Mr. Swinsons shares to become the sole stockholder and president of MJ Marketing. Janet L. (Gaertig) Henning joined MJ in January 1986 and along with additional staff members continued recruiting and marketing senior products. In 1989, annuties, life insurance and additional new long term care carriers were added to our marketing efforts.

In 1996, Judith McCaigue joined MJ Marketing and Jerry Reckner pursued his speaking career and started a plan for succession to Henning and McCaigue. Mr. Reckner retired and sold MJ Marketing in August 1997 to Henning and McCaigue.

MJ Marketing has grown and pursued top marketing contracts and continues to rank in the top 10 of several National insurance companies.

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